Wild Thing

Wild Thing

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Wild Thing. My favorite song in 1966. This leash and collar set is made of a paisley cotton fabric and covered in durable transparent vinyl.


These six new leash and collar sets are limited edition fabrics encased in clear, durable vinyl.

Each set is hand folded and hand crafted in the USA.

While we have done our utmost best to produce the most fashionable, dependable and ecologically conscious product, these materials' wear will vary based on lifestyle and use. Please be aware of any distressing of the materials over time and discontinue use of this product at your own discretion. 


The best way to know if our leashes are the correct size is to measure your animal's collar size. Use a measuring tape snuggly around the neck and add 3/4" for breathing space.

Total leash length 52", 3/4" width
Total collar length 18 1/4", 3/4" width

These leash and collar sets are like a fine pair of new shoes -- they need a tad ‘breaking in’ for perfect comfort.