About Us

I don’t think it’s a secret that I’m a dog lover. Winks and I are an inseparable team. He’s my muse and my best friend.

Being a creative person, and needing an outlet, I thought to myself: what better project to enter in to than the pet world? Dogs specifically.


Being a denim fanatic, and a dog fanatic, I decided to combine these two obsessions of mine. Hence, Linda and Winks.

I did a lot of research until I found a tried and true family owned and operated manufacturer of high end products (that have been around since the 1940’s!) to execute my dream leash and collar sets.


Not wanting to use any leather in my products, we are using a faux leather in many colors, paired with 100% pre-washed cotton denim. Everything is sourced and made in the USA.

We are a life style brand for dogs and their caretakers. We have so many wonderful pet products coming down the pike for you and your four-legged friends to use and enjoy. 

Please stay tuned.


Xoxo, Linda and Winks
Ps. Not for poodles only. 🤣🐾